Storing market data raw messages

Hi All,

I am looking for advice for using Druid for storing financial market data.

Is Druid a good choice to store market data raw messages?

My exchange market data raw message size is range from 16 bytes to 1500 bytes.

The peak message rate of the data feed is around 16Mbps. Average rate is around 3Mbps.

I want to store whole day market data raw messages in time series database,

so that I can build a module to replay (re-stream) particular stock’s data messages (say 5 minutes messages of a specific stock) to client’s trading terminal.

The way how to replay market data with emulating message’s ‘send out time’ is not my concern as I can build my own streaming / replaying module.

My main concern is : Is Druid able to handle such message rate and column size (1500 bytes)?