Stuck on using Dockerized druid : docker-druid image unusable

hi ,

I am trying to use docker-druid image. However i cannot sent any data to druid using this image using tranquility as a library.

Is this image expected to support tranquility? Are there any additional configurations required in order to start sending data to the druid instance provided by this image?

Tranquility can be used as:

  • server : running tranquility server which would accept data and load into druid

  • library: using tranquility as a library from java application

The following configuration works perfectly fine when i install druid on a VM by following druid quick start guide. I can use tranquility and send data to druid.

“properties” : {

“zookeeper.connect” : “XX.XX.XX.XX”,

“druid.discovery.curator.path” : “/druid/discovery”,

“druid.selectors.indexing.serviceName” : “druid/overlord”,

“http.port” : “8200”,


What am i missing? How can i start sending data to dockerized druid?