subscribing to query results


Is there mechanism in Druid for subscribing to query results? I mean, can I submit a query (say, the average of the last 5 values of (real-)time series or average of all the values matching a filter after a some time point) and then subscribe to the results? So when the result changes, the new result will get pushed to a client?

Thank you.


Hi Douglas, Druid doesn’t currently support a query subscription model.

It is first and foremost designed for interactive data exploration, and while it may make sense to have a pub/sub model for some use cases it doesn’t really make sense when you ingest data at a rate of several tens of thousands of events per second, which is the type of load Druid is built for.

Druid is designed to handle high query load, so you can query it as frequently as you’d like. If that becomes too slow for your use case, we could think about building a more incremental query approach that would push query results at a defined rate.

If I get a chance to test this for my use-case, I’ll get back to you. Thanks!