superset with Druid

Hello, I wonder if there are updated documents on superset connecting to Druid? I have created a druid cluster and opened the ports 8081, 8082, 8083, 8084 on the druid node so the superset node can access the druid ports. I also added the druid cluster and datastore on superset “Sources”. But in the SQL lab I cannot find the data store.

Do I miss something? Which version of Druid is supported? I am using the stable version 0.10.1. And my superset is installed about 8 months ago. Not sure about its version. I read a page saying superset only tested with druid 0.8.x. But not sure if that page is up to date. I could not find a good tutorial. Do I need to install Druid on the same node of Superset? They seem to share the port 8081 though.



Hi Joanne,
AFAIK, the first implementation of SQLLab did not supported querying druid datasources directy.

Not sure if this had been addressed in latest superset or not.

Please post the same question in superset user forums to get most updated info on this.