Task gets completed but data not there in s3

i recently came across druid and setting it up to test it on our infra, i am using s3 for deep storage, when push sample data tasks are getting success but data is not there in s3 bucket i have these configurations already setup under _common.










am i missing any other configuration here if not why i am not able to achieve it.

Are you finding anything in the task logs? Is there any information there?

Is it by any chance getting created in your local disk var/druid/

Do you have more than one node for the druid setup? Is the config copied across all the nodes?

Else your common.runtime.properites settings listed seem ok.

right now i am working on two node cluster and i am using ambari for managing so i don’t think so there would be miss match in the configuration across the nodes.
and in logs i am not getting any warning or error its just info logs getting printed.

Which sample workload are you running? Please share the task log.

please find the attachment for the task logs

task.log (82.1 KB)