The best Java query library

HI ,the best Java query library?

The simplest is probably generating the query json yourself and using your favorite http client. You could also use JDBC + Avatica to query Druid SQL, which is pretty straightforward. For production use, there are some known issues there that will be fixed in 0.10.1.

You could also embed the druid-processing jar and issue the queries that way, but I wouldn’t recommend it since it’s not really an official public api and the api might change from version to version without warning.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Is JDBC + Avatica likely to be abandoned in future releases?

在 2017年7月11日星期二 UTC+8上午9:25:28,潘鸿写道:

No, JDBC + Avatica is a very new feature (only in the latest release) and the intent is to keep developing it.