timezone in tranquility?


I used spark in tranquility to send events,and all the spark tasks well,but when I do a query on it,I found nothing.

How can I debug the spark on tranquility?And whether the tranquility only support the UTC timezone?

my realtime task id is index_realtime_log.page_event_2016-01-08T10:00:00.000Z_0_0,I likes UTC timezone.

And what’s you advice here?Thanks

Tranquility 0.6.4+ should support non-utc timezones. The most common reason for what you’re seeing is that the events are not current, or the timestamp configs are not set up properly. See here for tips: https://github.com/druid-io/tranquility/blob/master/docs/trouble.md#no-data-is-showing-up-in-druid-even-though-events-seem-to-be-successfully-sent


Thanks! now spark in tranquility works well!

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