Tomorrow's Druid Drop-in! Feel free to drop any questions here in advance

Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder that we have a Druid Drop-in taking place tomorrow, March 31 at 2pm local time in the UK: The March Apache Druid Drop-In! | Meetup

What’s a Druid Drop-in? It’s an informal get-together to discuss ideas, experiments you’re doing or would like to do, data pipeline design, query, ingestion, DBM functionality, use cases… anything around Apache Druid. Come and leave as you please. Lurkers welcome!

While the hosts will be ready to take on your questions, sometimes we may need to check in with Engineering or Product teams to get you a better answer, If you’re attending the drop-in tomorrow, feel free to drop your questions here in advance!

druid.worker.capacity in middlemanager - the value for this depends on what?
What’s the maximum value that can be set?
If I have a 8 cpu node, can I go as high as only 7, leaving 1 for other operations?
If I have 15 kafka ingestion supervisors running, what should be my druid.worker.capacity ideally?

Ingestion using Kafka depends a lot on drudi.worker.capacity value. The number of tasks that a supervisor can spawn depends on this property.
So I feel, it needs a better explanation with an example in the Druid documentation.

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