topic pattern in kafka-tranquility fails to pick up topicpattern


I’m trying to use kafka tranquility tool to push data from kafka to druid.In the config file for kafka tranquilty i set the topic pattern pattern properly but it defaults to [(?!)]

2016-03-15 09:20:12,882 [main] INFO c.m.t.kafka.writer.WriterController - [(?!)] -> sitespeed (priority: 1)

Please help me get past this.



Hey Vamsi,

One thing to look out for is whether you have specified topicPattern at multiple levels (if you specify it at the dataSource level then it will override the global level).

If that advice doesn’t help, could you attach your config file so we can double-check it?

Hi Gian,

Thanks for the reply.Yeah i think the same when i look at the sets the default values instead of overwriting my topicpattern and priority.I have one datsource where i mentioned the properties for topicpattern and priority at local level.There is no mention of these at global level.Attaching the config file for kafka tranquility.Can you please check this.



kafkatranquility config.docx (14.5 KB)

Hey Vamsi,

The “properties” object should be a sibling of “spec” and not a child. If you move “properties” out a level, the topic pattern should be picked up.