Tranquility 0.9.0 Release Timeline

Is there a timeline for when 0.9.0 will be released? There are some dependency conflicts in 0.8.2 that appear to have been fixed in 0.9.0.

I’m happy to contribute if there are pending items blocking the release


Hey Kevin,

The main blocker is getting it to build and the tests to pass against Druid 0.10.x. There’s a partially finished patch here: but Roman has said he’s not working on it right now and invited someone else to do so. If you’re interested then go for it! Roman was doing a build against 0.10.1-SNAPSHOT, but I think in the near term it’d be better (and just as good) to build against Druid 0.10.0, since Druid 0.10.1 isn’t released yet.

If you are interested in contributing, and can get a build that compiles, passes the tests, & works against Druid 0.9.x and 0.10.x in a live environment, we can merge it and start a tranquility release. Thanks if so!