Tranquility and existing real time indexers


We are in the process of migrating to Tranquility to manager our RT indexers and I was wondering if there were any steps/tips to follow to make sure that we can start using Tranquility without incurring any data loss by bringing down our current indexers and then using Tranquility to start (and manage) new RT indexers.



Hey Mahesh,

Tranquility and RT indexers don’t checkpoint or load data the same way, so there will always be either a data gap or area of data duplication if you use them on the same datasource.

If you have a hybrid batch/realtime ingestion setup, you could use your batch processor to fix that up.

Or if not, you could ingest using Tranquility into a new datasource, run both in parallel for a bit, and then switch queries to the new datasource.