Tranquility cannot parse messages from Kafka Server


I am pushing my messages to my topic in json. I attached a sample message. I also attached my tranquility spec file. I think I am doing something wrong with the spec file because tranquility is reporting unparseable messages.

I have three separate timestamp fields and they are all in epoch time. Could it be related to my timestamp format?

Thanks for the assistance.

kafka.tranq.spec (2.69 KB)

data (1).json (20.7 KB)

Can anyone shed some light on this issue? I figured maybe it is my dimensions so I updated my spec file and put everything under dimensions except the timestamp columns which are in epoch (please see attached). I am still getting unparseable error for my messages on tranquility log.

Thanks in advance

test.json.spec (7.13 KB)

To ingest that input data, you would want to give Druid only this portion, on one line:

{"cdrRecordType":1, "globalCallID_callManagerId":5,"globalCallID_callId":378483,"origLegCallIdentifier":84689937,"dateTimeOrigination":1535132497, ...}

These links may be useful: