Tranquility Core - configuration : can zookeeper port be configured?

I understand that tranquility library finds druid services through zookeeper. We can specify following properties within tranquility configuration which is passed to the application that uses tranquility core API:

“properties” : {

“zookeeper.connect” : “”,

“druid.discovery.curator.path” : “/druid/discovery”,

“druid.selectors.indexing.serviceName” : “druid/overlord”,

“http.port” : “8200”



tranquility will then connect with zookeeper running on address specified for the property zookeeper.connect.

Now, zookeeper would be running on 2181. When running druid inside a docker container, one would need to expose port 2181. If 2181 is mapped to some other port, how would that port be specified in the above configuration?

Note: using tranquility library and not the server.

This query is coming from trying to use official docker-druid image, which i am unable to get working (!topic/druid-user/TDBOaBNZXZQ).



I didn’t quite get the tranquillity library and server part,
but we use tranquillity server and our zookeeper listens on 2182
our configuration is like
“zookeeper.connect” : “

hope this helps

hi Sunil,

Thanks for getting back. We use tranquility library.

Just for information, you could use tranquility server and send data over HTTP to the server or as a library embedded in your application.

In the later case you don’t run the server but the library handles creation of realtime tasks.



Wondering if any of the devs can confirmed if zookeeper port (2181) can be configured or not in the tranquility config?

This is in the case when zk port 2181 would be mapped to some other port when running druid on a docker container.

we can specify zookeeper port in zookeeper.connect.

“zookeeper.connect” : “


Thanks Sunil for the suggestion. Totally missed out that one could do that. I thought there would be seperate property for specifying port.