Tranquility core: update/reload schema dynamically

Following is my understanding:

I have a data-source defined with segment-granularity of 1 hour. Data is flowing continuously (Around 100 events per second)
If we make some changes to the schema, I understand it will only take effect in the next task that will run at 1 hour boundary.

Also, if we use Tranquility server and make changes to the config file, I still require to restart the server in order to take new changes into effect.

So, to avoid restart, we decided to build a JVM app using tranquality-core. We referred this.

Following is my requirement:

Implement a scheduler which will run per minute and check for changes in the schema.

If schema is changed, update it dynamically in druid indexing service as well. Changes need not take effect immediately. It is fine if they start occurring within 1 hour (due to segment granularity)

But the example does not talk about reloading schema for the same data-source.

Can I flush and stop the Tranquilizer every time I detect change in the schema and create another one with new schema definition?