Tranquility create task too late

Hi all,
I use tranquility 0.8.0 to ingest events and create real-time task, but sometimes tranquility creates task too late, almost delayed 30 minutes ~ 1 hour.

In my situation, I have some high cardinality dimensions, and the number of events is not small, so I set segment granularity 15 minute, and partition is 3, such that one shard is about 100mb ~ 200mb.

As the delayed task, there are many messages be dropped as the windowPeriod is set 40 minutes.

And I surely confirm that there are many available workers.

So What I’m curious is that What reasons will trigger tranquility to create task late ?

Thanks for any reply.

Hi Skyler, you might want to look into warmingPeriod to start up tasks earlier:

As an alternative, you may also want to look into the brand new exactly-once streaming ingestion from Kafka:

Although you have many available workers, does each worker have available slots to run the tasks?

– FJ

Yes, I have set warmingPeriod with 20M, but tranquility does not create new beam or task earlier.

Here is the detail.

The segment granularity is 15 minutes, and windowPeriod is 10 minutes, and the task.partition = 4.

I start tranquility about 10:32 a.m

task name created time end time

10:30-10:45 10:33 11:01

10:45-11:00 10:52 11:15

11:00-11:15 11:16 11:29

The event is real-time, so I am curious why tranquility does not create new task right now when it receives new events.

And I’ll try druid 0.9.1 with streaming ingestion from kafka in the future.
在 2016年8月16日星期二 UTC+8上午7:16:02,Fangjin Yang写道:

Hey Skyler,

There is a bug in 0.8.0 where Tranquility doesn’t respect the warmingPeriod ( Can you try using a later version and see if it helps?

Thanks very much, I’ll try it !

在 2016年8月20日星期六 UTC+8上午1:16:21,David Lim写道: