Tranquility delay in scheduling tasks resulting in dropped events


I am using tranquility for realtime ingestion.

I am facing following issues:

  • Many a times it happens that my ingestion tasks for nth hour are scheduled at nth hour and mth minute ( as bad as scheduling tasks for 10th hour at 10:40) as a result of which I lose events for first m minutes.

  • Also some tasks are created in the 3rd to 5th minute of the next hour and task for the next hour is not created as a result of which all my events are dropped.

For example my 18th hour task is scheduled at 19:03 and it ingests till 19:10(10 minutes window) and drops all subsequent events and does not create any new task for the 19th and further hours because of which there is no ingestion

for a few hours.

Can someone explain me the reasons behind this…

Is this because of some resource issues( number of worker nodes)??


Abhishek Jain