Tranquility dynamic configuration

Hey guys,
I’m planning on using Tranquility server to stream realtime data to druid, using the HTTP/POST endpoint with json formatted data.

The server configuration, as far as I saw, is static (defined in server.json on startup), which is a problem for us, since we’re adding more datasources / dimensions / metrics as we go.

Is there any way to add new datasources / dimensions / metrics to the server while it’s running?

Is there a way to edit any of the configuration of the server while it’s running? (so we won’t suffer any downtime).



From what I understand from reading the docs and this group, you need to recreate your beam. Then any new segments will use the new metadata, and any existing segments will use the meta that is already associated with the segement. So your new config may take ${segment time window} to take effect

Thanks Kyle for the response, but it doesn’t look like you control the beam creation when you use the tranquility HTTP server command.
It creates the druid beam from the config file when you create the servlet (running the server command).

I see what you mean wrt the provided HTTP servlet. You’d have to restart the process after the config file changes, or modify the server code to watch the file for changes and update / restart the servlet with new “bundles”.