Tranquility Kafka - Dimensions not detected

Hello guys,

I’m encountering a small issue when setting up imply-2.0.0 on a local machine for testing.

The broker only seems to detect the metrics defined in the datasource spec, but not the dimensions.

This translates in the following behavior:

  • http://broker:port/druid/v2/datasources/{datasource}/metrics - metrics as defined in the datasource spec
  • http://broker:port/druid/v2/datasources/{datasource}/dimensions - empty result

The ingestion is done over Kafka using Tranquility with the following spec (attach didn’t work):

Here is also a sample of the data ingested:

{‘timestamp’: ‘2017-01-25T16:37:23’, ‘campaign’: ‘85483’, ‘ad_type’: ‘banner’, ‘event’: ‘impression’, ‘product_type’: ‘licensed’, ‘country’: ‘Afghanistan’, ‘partner’: ‘appnexus’, 'os_

type’: ‘android’, ‘product’: ‘Real Football 2012’}

I noticed this issue when trying to use Metabase to visualize my data and it didn’t pull the dimensions at all, I’m guessing it uses the above endpoints to map them.

Strange thing is that Pivot manages to pull the dimensions correctly and I can perform queries on them.

Please let me know if I can provide further information.

Thank you,