Tranquility: NoSuchMethodError: BigDecimalDeserializer$.handledType

Hi - I’m trying to test out Tranquility by following the Direct API example [1]. When my application starts up I get the following exception:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.fasterxml.jackson.module.scala.deser.BigDecimalDeserializer$.handledType()Ljava/lang/Class;

That gist shows the full stack trace, as well as the dependencies I'm specifying in my build.sbt. Am I missing a dependency or using the wrong version of something?




Here’s a standalone example that has no dependencies other than Tranquility 0.3.4 and throws the same exception:

May be try adding jackson-module-scala_2.10 and metamx’s scala-util_2.10 dependencies [1]?|com.fasterxml.jackson.module|jackson-module-scala_2.10|2.2.2|jar

Strange… that did seem to work. scala-util_2.10-1.8.43.jar and jackson-module-scala_2.10-2.4.4.jar were already on the classpath, but adding them in as explicit dependencies allowed the application to start up:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(

“com.metamx” %% “tranquility” % “0.3.4”,

“com.fasterxml.jackson.module” %% “jackson-module-scala” % “2.4.4”,

“com.metamx” %% “scala-util” % “1.8.43” exclude(“log4j”, “log4j”) force()


I think the app did submit tasks to overlord - some things showed up in the overlord console. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: