Tranquility : Replicants and Partitioning


We are trying to configure replication for our real-time ingestion via Tranquility, and everything is working extremely well.

We want to add in replication to survive the loss of a Peon/MiddleManager. In playing with the settings, when I configure replicants = 2, partitions = 1, I only see a single task. I expected to see two tasks: one on each middle manager, providing redundancy, for a single segment/partition.

However, when I run with replicants = 2, partitions = 2, I see four tasks with the following suffixes:





That looks better, but am I to presume that I need partitioning to achieve replication?

(or can you point me to some docs that describe the relationship between partitioning and replication?)

thanks in advance,


Hey Brian,

You should be able to see what you expect with replicants = 2, partitions = 1. It’s possible that what you’re seeing is due to either:

  • One of the replicants dying/failing before you had a chance to look for it,

  • Or, the fact that changing the replication factor only takes effect when new tasks are created for new time windows. So whenever your segmentGranularity rolls over. If you started at partitions = 1, replicants = 1, and then changed to replicants = 2, this is probably what’s going on. Things should increase to 2 replicants over time.