Tranquility Segments Granularity

Hi, all!

Is it possible for Tranquility to manage segments not by windowPeriod, but also by granularity? . For example i have started tranquilty server at 15:00 PM with windowPeriod=“PT1D” and i want that at midnight this segment will be flushed to deep storage. Now, as i understand, it will be flushed only at 15:00 PM of the next day. Is possible to have segments with the strict time borders independent from time of start real time ingestion?

Hey Никита,

See this doc for some details about how segmentGranularity and windowPeriod work together: Basically, Tranquility has to wait for segmentGranularity + windowPeriod to elapse before a segment is finalized and handed off. If you want segments to flush at midnight, you could accomplish that by setting segmentGranularity = DAY with a short windowPeriod (Tranquility will wait until midnight + windowPeriod).