Tranquility server perfomance & tuning.


I’m sending data to Druid through Tranquility server.

It attempts to send data to a rate of 100,000 per second.

But, Tranquility configuration document ( doesn’t mention about performance & tuning point.

How is the best setting Tranquility in my envirment?

  • Hardware specs

– 16core, 16GB memory VM machine

Hey Hwansung,

The defaults generally work pretty well. If you find that you aren’t getting as good performance as you like, first double check that your client is sending as fast as it can. This means do some batching (a couple MB per batch is usually good), and use a connection pool to talk to Tranquility Server so you can have multiple requests in flight at once. If you need to tune the server too, the settings to take a look at first are tranquility.lingerMillis, tranquility.maxBatchSize, tranquility.maxPendingBatches, task.partitions, and http.threads. Also take a look at the standard JVM stuff like making sure you aren’t spending too much time GCing.