Tranquility / Spark Streaming Best Practice

Hi All ,

I’m planning use tranquility server for real time ingestion benchmarking . I have started analyzing tranquility/druid since last week , so kind of really new in this stack .

I would really appreciate for reference /pointer or suggestion .

Here is some of my very initial criteria/assumption :-

  • 300~400k events every sec
  • spark streaming -->> akka rest actor ->> tranquility server ->> druid

Thank you in advance .

~ biswajit

You don’t need tranquility server if you are using spark streaming. You can embed teh Tranq library directly.

Hi Fangjin,

Thank you for the mail . I’m wondering if I can achieve more throughput by running few of tranquility server behind an LB ??.

Thank you again .

You can yes, you can also distribute tranquility-core as well if you are using Tranq with a stream processor.