Tranquility throws error: "Duplicate column entries found"

I am using tranquility to push data to druid. I was trying to create these aggregates:


DruidDimensions.schemalessWithExclusions(ImmutableList.of(“dimensionsHeight”, “dimensionsWidth”)),


new CountAggregatorFactory(“rows”),

new DoubleSumAggregatorFactory(“publisherPrice”, “publisherPrice”),

new ApproximateHistogramAggregatorFactory(“publisherPriceHistogram”, “publisherPrice”, HISTOGRAM_RESOLUTION, HISTOGRAM_OUTPUT_BUCKETS, 0F, Float.POSITIVE_INFINITY),



and the tranq app is throwing a tons of errors:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to save new beam for identifier[druid:prod:overlord/ssp-auction-6] timestamp[2015-03-20T13:00:00.000Z]

Caused by: com.metamx.common.parsers.ParseException: Duplicate column entries found : [publisherprice]

It seems that I cannot have two aggregators for a single dimension. But it worked in previous version (I have tranq 4.0 now). Is it possible to make it work?

Can you try change the name of the SumAggregator, some like this:

new DoubleSumAggregatorFactory("publisherPriceSum", "publisherPrice")

I think that this can work...



Hi Lukáš, this should work. Can you please file this as an issue at:, along with the full stack trace of the exception?