Tranquility timestamp mismatch with OS date

Hello guys,

My tranquility timestamp is in UTC but my local time is in UTC-3, so when I run tranquility, it logs in UTC time:

2016-12-15 16:07:32,565 [KafkaConsumer-CommitThread] INFO c.m.tranquility.kafka.KafkaConsumer - Flushed {sep={receivedCount=99877, sentCount=0, droppedCount=99877, unparseableCount=0}} pending messages in 1ms and committed offsets in 2ms.

But my local time is:

Thu Dec 15 13:07:54 CLST 2016

So how to change the tranqulity log timestamp. Because I have to set a windowPeriod greater than 3H in other to catch some data.


JoaquĆ­n Silva

It is generally suggested to run druid setup in UTC timestamp and convert the timestamp in the input data/event to UTC before ingestion.

I whish I could do that, but our data display must show a realtime date. What I did is change all the java timeZone of all the druid components.