Unable to connect postgres with Pivot

I’m currently using Imply 2.3.9 and have Pivot license to use. There is no issue when i use file based storage. However, when i try to use postgres with pivot, I get following error in imply-ui.log file:

[2017-12-05T19:05:52.944Z] Using config /opt/imply-2.3.9/conf/pivot/config.yaml

[2017-12-05T19:05:52.947Z] var dir is at: /opt/imply-2.3.9/var/pivot

unknown location ‘postgres’

This is my config.yaml:

The port on which the Pivot server will listen on.

port: 9095

Pivot runtime directory

varDir: var/pivot

licenseFile: /opt/pivot-license

Any help is appreciated.

Do you have any idea, why I’m unable to connect postgres with Pivot? Let me know if you need more information.