Unable to use docker-druid, failed to create merged beam


I am using docker-druid image and sending data to this druid using tranquility from a Java Application . I get following error on running the example application:

Failed to send message: %sjava.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to create merged beam: druid:overlord/pageviews


However, If i setup druid locally on a VM as per instructions in getting started , I can successfully send data to druid. Although i have to set druid.host in common.runtime.properties as the machine’s reachable IP address (instead of localhost)

What am i missing?

Are there any config changes required when using docker-druid?

The dockerized druid setup looks different than the standard druid setup with Middle Manager process missing, and a supervisor process added in.

How can i get the docker-druid image working and be able to send data to it from the Java application.