unique metric with tranquility showing wrong result

Hi There

I’m seeing a wrong result for unique metrics with tranquility , I’m creating metrics like this below during beam definition

def uniques(name: String, fieldName: String): HyperUniquesAggregatorFactory =

new HyperUniquesAggregatorFactory(name, fieldName)

Also , I can see the same metrics at real time task log . However , I’m getting zero result with unique query

“metricsSpec” : [ {

“type” : “longSum”,

“name” : “total_count”,

“fieldName” : “counter”

}, {

“type” : “hyperUnique”,

“name” : “unique_count”,

“fieldName” : “fingerprint_id”

} ],

I don’t see the unique metrics at pivot UI also , I’m seeing total count metrics . I have verified fingerprint_id field map value and its correctly populated .

How do I check where its getting dropped ?

Can you check the ingest/* metrics to see if there’s any drops or events outside the time window?