unique values of a dimension

Is there any way we can get the unique values(not the count of unique values) of a dimension.?
for example I would like to get the distinct urls from the dataset containing millions of urls.

search query?

A simple groupBy query, grouping on your URL dimension will return a row per unique URL…

Hello Sunil, you can do this with a “cardinality” aggregator like in this query where i count the distinct number of browser of a web analytics sessions’s data source.


“queryType”: “timeseries”,

“dataSource”: “factvisits”,

“granularity”: “all”,

“descending”: “true”,

“aggregations”: [

{ “type”: “cardinality”, “name”: “distinctBrowser”, “fieldNames”: [“BrowserName”] }


“intervals”: [ “2016-09-22T00:00:00.000/2016-09-23T00:00:00.000” ]



Hi Sunir, there has been asked many times previously so searching will yield more comprehensive answers.

You can:

  1. index a column using hyperUnique and query it (probably best)

  2. use cardinality over a string dim

  3. index a theta sketch column and query it


Sorry for the delay in response.
The scenario we were looking for was to aggregate/concatenate the unique values based on another dimension,kind of string concatenation.
something like day1,{abc.com,xyz.com},day2,{aaa.com,bbb.com}

Don’t think that’s possible based on the analysis what we have done so far.

some of the solutions listed above help in getting the unique count,not the dim values.

Hi Sunil, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. It sounds like you should be issuing multiple queries, where results from the first query are used to inform further queries.