Unknown exception on intervals


Found a strange problem when using Plyql, which however seems druid related.

Following intervals works

“intervals”: “2016-08-01T00Z/2016-09-01T00Z”,

Following gives me “Unknown exception”

“intervals”: “2016-09-12T07:40:36.053Z/2016-09-13T07:40:36.053Z”,

The exception seems to handle on the broker. Guess I need more debug?



“Unknown exception” is a sad fact of life that will be fixed in Druid 0.9.2 basically Druid is failing to surface the correct error of the exception.
The real error message will be in the broker / historical / realtime logs (wherever the exception happened).

Given your intervals and the date of your post it is a good chance that the place to look would be in the realtime (peons) nodes.

2016-09-12T07:40:36.053Z/2016-09-13T07:40:36.053Z is a degenerate interval (contains zero time) which is not allowed.


The left side is 2016-09-12, the right side 2016-09-13, which I think
should amount to a full day.


Oh, sorry, you’re totally right and I’m totally wrong. I didn’t notice the different digit there. Yeah, this should work… and there should be a “real” exception in either historical or realtime task logs.