Unparseable messages

Hi all, I’m trying to push messages to Druid through Kafka using Tranquility server. I followed the guidline(http://druid.io/docs/latest/tutorials/tutorial-kafka.html), However, for some reason the messages can not be parsed. I dont think my objects are invalid and I considered the window period as well.
First I was using one broker for Kafka setup , then I allocated 3 brokers, but I have only one Druid instance.

Here are my JSON objects and an issue I have been facing.

{“time”: “2016-08-07T23:07:00Z”, “url”: “/foo/bar”, “user”: “alice”, “latencyMs”: 32}

{“time”: “2016-08-07T23:07:00Z”, “url”: “/foo/bar”, “user”: “bob”, “latencyMs”: 11}

{“time”: “2016-08-07T23:07:00Z”, “url”: “/foo/bar”, “user”: “bob”, “latencyMs”: 45}

{“time”: “2016-08-07T23:07:00Z”, “url”: “/foo/bar”, “user”: “alice”, “latencyMs”: 32}

{“time”: “2016-08-07T23:07:00Z”, “url”: “/foo/bar”, “user”: “bob2”, “latencyMs”: 20}

2016-08-06 23:08:38,139 [KafkaConsumer-CommitThread] INFO c.m.tranquility.kafka.KafkaConsumer - Flushed {ex3={receivedCount=5, sentCount=0, droppedCount=0, unparseableCount=5}} pending messages in 0ms and committed offsets in 2ms.

Any help is highly appreciated !

Hi Narmin,
Could you share your kafka supervisor spec file for more details ?

It seems the parseSpec is misconfigured leasing to unparseable messages.

Thank you ver much for your reply.
Yes, you were right. there was a problem in my configuration file, but I have resolved.

Hi Narmin,

Could you please let me know what you changed in the configuration file.

Because Im facing the same issue.


Praveen M