Update Segmets

Hi everyone, I have a question about if there is a way to do this. Here is the case:

I set up the realtime node and everything is working fine, this realmite node is getting events and consume fine, but the thing is at some point in time we need to update this events for example for 2015-07-01 i have an event with $10.00 in price column, so in 2015-07-03 i receive a request to update that $10 to 5, to achieve this task i was thinking ingest a new event that will be a copy of original event but with a negative number, something like this 2015-07-01 -5, all this to avoid update the whole segment, but Druid only query to the newest segment, in this case i’m going to have two segment (one is the segment that was consumed in real-time and another is that contain the event that i need to update). So my question is there is a way to achieve this?. Thanks in advance for your help.

I believe this is duplicated by https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/druid-development/O2xZUxAI3Xo. Although we started the conversation there, the question is one for the user group so let’s continue it here if needed.