Updating a data in a data-source partitioned by tenantId


We have a data source, which is partitioned by tenantId and we have to update data for a particular tenant using batch ingestion. we do native batch ingestion using Azure blob storage and our granularity is Day

Is there a way to update the segments by providing only data pertaining to that particular tenant for that day, Instead of providing data of all tenants for that particular day?

Hi Prabhu

We can achieve this using a transform spec inside your ingestion file containing a filter expression like this. The value field contains the tenant value using which you have partitioned your your data source.

“transformSpec”: { “transforms”: , “filter”: { “type”: “selector”, “dimension”: “tenantId”, “value”: “” } }


Hi shashank

I think you mistook it, the solution you proposed is for ingesting one tenant’s data from a file containing data from multiple tenants, it will drop other tenant’s data from that segment.
What we need is a solution where we need to update a particular tenant’s data for that day, without affecting other tenants’ data, from a file only containing only that particular tenant’s data.