Upgrade Druid from v0.8.0 to v0.9.11

Hi guys,

I’m using Druid v0.8.0 currently, and I want upgrade to v0.9.11. What should I do to make sure the system is safely upgraded?

And what happened if mixed version is used? (like index service using v0.8.0, and historical node use v0.9.11)


Druid community only supports upgrading from one version to the next. During the normal upgrades, the need to rollback is assumed such that we try and make each version step compatible.

There are no guarantees about being able to jump multiple versions at once.

Hi Zhihui, I recommend reading through the release notes about the update process and just being generally aware of what changed from version to version. It may be difficult to do a rolling update but you can try it in a staging cluster.

To expand on this: we always make sure it is possible to safely upgrade from one version to the immediate next version, by following any release notes for that next version. Skipping multiple versions is often doable but it can depend on which features you are using, and what changed in those versions. Reading the release notes for all the versions you are skipping (and testing out the upgrade on a non-prod cluster) is the safest approach.

Hi, I just switched from 0.8.0-rc1 to without any real problems. But as I did the switch because I had problems with the old version, I had some downtime. But this was more because the old version didn’t work properly.