upgrade to documents


Are there any instructions or documents for upgrading from 0.6.174 to There seem to be a lot of changes to configuration files, and I don’t see anything that explains what the changes are.



Hi Samah, you will need to look at the release notes, which cover updating from one version to another.


Thanks for the Notes. I’m now trying to find the “convertProps” tools. Can you tell me where that is?

You can use the same Main class that you use to run all druid nodes. io.druid.cli.Main tools convertSpec/convertProps

The convertSpec only exists in 0.6.x, we should probably migrate it to 0.7.x

I just looked at the code for convertProps and it seems like there was a forced push that actually wiped out most of the work we did there. I just remerged the changes, so you’ll need to rebuild Druid master in order to run the tool.

It is worth noting that you should not have to deploy out of Master to get the conversion to “work”. Simply building master locally and running it locally to convert the properties should suffice. Then you can copy the converted properties to wherever is appropriate for your cluster.