Upgrade Versions by skipping few


I am currently using druid version 0.11.0, is it possible to upgrade directly to latest version 0.12.3?


Shilpa S


Hi Shilpa,

Yes, upgrading directly from 0.11.0 -> 0.12.3, and rollback to 0.11.0 is possible. Please first check the release notes for anything that might apply to your set up:


If you are using Kafka, please also note this paragraph in the release notes:

In 0.12.0, there are protocol changes between the Kafka supervisor and Kafka Indexing task and also some changes to the metadata formats persisted on disk. Therefore, to support rolling upgrade, all the Middle Managers will need to be upgraded first before the Overlord.


Thanks Caroline!!

So we would assume all minor versions are always skippable :slight_smile:

Thanks Caroline