Upgrading 0.22.1 to 25.0.0 with Druid Operator

We are running Apache Druid 0.22.1 deployed on Kubernetes with Druid Operator.
Can’t find any detailed instructions on Druid’s version upgrade process. The only thing I found is to set the [rollingDeploy](https://github.com/druid-io/druid-operator/blob/master/docs/features.md#Rolling-Deploy) parameter to true, so it will upgrade pods one by one, as described in the Rolling updates.

But what is the process?
As I assume, I need to update the Docker tag from the apache/druid:0.22.1 to the apache/druid:0.25.0 in Druid’s CustomResource and deploy the changes.
Is it correct?
Also, is it safe to upgrade right away from 22 to 25, or better to run one by one,e.g. first to 0.23, then 24.0, and finally to the 25.0?

Here’s the Apache Druid docs regarding rolling upgrade.
It is recommended that you review the release notes of the interim releases in order to determine if there are any breaking changes. But you should be able to go directly to 25.0.
I suggest you test this first.

Also, while I have not used the Druid Operator, it is my understanding that it is capable of managing the upgrade sequence for the different services according to the rolling upgrade guidelines.