Upgrading to 0.16 trouble


since we are still on 0.13, I was hyper hyper to upgrade. However the first historical node is not picked up by the old coordinator. I checked, it’s in zk /druid/annoucements - but somehow my old coordinator is not understanding the node.

Any idea what to do?



Hey Hagen,

I’m don’t recall the details, but you might need to go through an intermediary version first.

Or, if you were using http segment announcing, there’s a relevant note in the 0.14.0 notes; see “Segment announcing” on https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/releases/tag/druid-0.14.0-incubating.


Thanks Gian,

I have both



in my config, but it’s not working. I tried



but that’s not working either. The node is simply ignored by the coordinator (and the brokers).

So I guess, I have to go to batch first, then upgrade, then go to http again? Any recommendation on how do do that safely?

Or should I pick an intermediate version? If yes, which one?



Since you didn’t respond, I tried 0.14.2 - this one is joining the cluster.

I am on vacation now, so I will postpone the upgrade and use 0.14.2 as an intermediate version. Hopefully, I can go to 0.16 from 0,14.2.



Hi, apologies for missing the opportunity to reply.

Glad to hear that the 0.14.2 fellow joined okay, thanks for reporting back. The release notes for 0.15.0 and 0.16.0, together, should tell you if the upgrade directly 0.14.x from 0.16.0 is going to work or not. Or you could try it :slight_smile:

Hi Gian,

sorry, I was on vacation. Turns out, I had fat fingers and tried 0.13 instead of 0.14. But my colleague debugged the problem in the meantime.

Turns out, 0.13 was announcing in lower case and starting from 0.14 in upper case. Other than that, it seemed compatible.



With these two commits we were able to make a transition version and are now on 0.14. I will upgrade to 0.16 now, let’s see how it goes.