Using a field as an integer dimension and time during ingestion

Hello folks:

Our UI platform can use Unix timestamps to visualize data. It can convert them to user’s local laptop time before displaying the data.

When using tranquility, is it possible to ingest a field in a JSON file as an integer field and timestamp field at the same time? Currently, we assign the field as timestamp and it works. The goal is to include it in the dimension list.


You can treat the __time as just a long dimension for all querying, why do you need it to be a separate column?

We have a few visualization elements that we use to show the timestamp and value of the data in a table view, so I figured the timestamp field needs to be included as a dimension. Am I correct?

So good news! The __time column is the dimension you are looking for!
Whatever column you have defined in the timestampSpec at ingest time will be used for sharding the data it will also be renamed to __time and will be available for whatever you need in a visualization.

Here is an example query that uses it:

SELECT “__time”, COUNT(*) AS “Count”

FROM “wikipedia”




See for all the ways it can be transformed