Using Druid with Google Cloud Storage


Is it possible to configure Druid to work with GCS (Google Cloud Storage) as a deep storage backend? If so, how?

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Hey David,

Not out of the box, although for our S3 deep storage we use jets3t which also works with GCS. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, it should be possible to adapt that extension to work with both S3 and GCS.

it is not supported yet.

You would have to implement a module that looks like this

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Hi David,

Were you able to get a GCS extension to work? If so, any chance you’ll be able to open source it (put it in extensions-contrib I guess)?

If not, we’ll try to work on this.



Hi Ravi,
I think you are looking for this -

also -

Oh, this is awesome - exactly our use case! Thanks for pointing this out, Nishant.