Using external zookeeper for Druid

Is it possible to use external zookeeper with druid while using docker-druid image? The image is currently running zookeeper on the same container.


command=/usr/local/zookeeper/bin/ start-foreground




How can the image be made to point to a zookeeper cluster (say a 3 node cluster) which is setup seperately?



Has anyone used external zookeeper with the docker image?

Hi Prathamesh,
you can do this by modifyin the supervisor config.

remove local zookeeper program and pass “” to individual druid processes.

Hi Nishant,

I will try that. Do you think using a shared zookeeper would cause any issues? Does druid needs dedicated zookeeper that is not shared by any other services (eg. Kafka)



Hi Nishant,
I found this entry that might be helpful


Apologies, the last comment was for Prathamesh.

Hi Prathamesh

Zookeeper is going to be critical in operations - if it is going to be shared, ensure that the system where zookeeper processes run has good CPU resource and dedicated / fast disk for zookeeper directories.

Thanks & Rgds


Thanks for the helpful answers Nishant, Robert & Venkat!