Using Tranquility Core to batch-index past data

Hey Guys -
We’re trying to find a way to do batch indexing using Spark instead of Hadoop.
We tried Metamarkets’ druid-spark-batch extension, but encountered many problems and decided to leave it for now.

Instead - we were thinking of writing our own simple Spark job to scan past data and then use Tranquility Core to index it.

We have two questions:

  1. Can we assume Tranquility Core will happily index data with old timestamps, or are we going to face window period issues?
  2. We want to use Tranquility Core’s MapPartitioner to partition our segments based on a single dimension (similar to the Hadoop Indexer’s single-dimension partitioning feature). Can anyone point me to an example on how to create a Tranquility Beam which is not based on the default partitioner?
    I noticed that there aren’t many examples out there for using Tranquility Core, so we would gladly open-source our code once we have it working.

Thank you guys!