Weird hyperLogLog output

In my case I also see Exceptions, but in the form of:

ERROR [qtp466056887-27[topN_relyEventData_cb46052d-cf73-4586-8b89-d49593c02b76]] io.druid.server.QueryResource - Exception handling request: {class=io.druid.server.QueryResource, exceptionType=class net.jpountz.lz4.LZ4Exception, exceptionMessage=Error decoding offset 1579958 of input buffer, exception=net.jpountz.lz4.LZ4Exception: Error decoding offset 1579958 of input buffer…

It’s always the same problem “Error decoding offset”.

Could you see if there’s a fuller stack trace available on a historical node for that? And if so please raise it as a github issue.

Oh and also less frequently but worse, a JVM fatal error (historical shuts down) that creates an error file, which header is the following:

I just created the issue on github: