Welcome to the Druid User Group!

We’ve been seeing a lot more activity on the druid development forums, both in terms of technical discussions and proposals, and also in terms of requests for help. To better facilitate communication in the Druid community, we are creating this group for all user related discussions and troubleshooting. Over the next few weeks, we hope to migrate most of the questions to this forum. If you have an existing issue in the development forum, please feel free to continue discussions there, but please start new question topics here.

Hi Fangjin :slight_smile:

W dniu wtorek, 3 marca 2015 18:59:53 UTC+1 użytkownik Fangjin Yang napisał:

Hi Jarek! :smiley:

Hi FJ,

One minor request: Is it possible to append mailing list email subject with “[druid-user]” just like emails from druid-development list are prefixed with “[druid-dev]”?

Hi Prajwal, just added it. Thanks for the catch, missed that.