What is tranquility-metrics-server

I do not found some wiki or article about tranquility-metrics-server, but it is in quickstart.conf. Please tell me what is it, thanks

Is it same as Druid-Metrics-Kafka?

Imply distribution of Druid contains additional piece of software which includes Clarity. Clarity shows cluster performance related KPIs in an analytics user interface. Druid can emit performance related data by configuring emitters. This emitted data is sent to tranquility server. We call this tranquility server - tranquility-metrics-server.

Basic design - https://docs.imply.io/on-prem/design

Tranquility is a streaming service like Kafka / Kinesis . It can be used to ingest data or collect data from druid_emitters.

Which version of druid are you using? Are you using Imply version of druid?

Thanks, I get it.

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Yes, I used Imply.

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