What is your way to query the data in Druid?


Assume you have 10 query coming in one second and all these queries are different in terms of variables and types.

So the thing came to my mind is having a node router that I wrote, little running serviecs(jars) that responsible for one type of query sending JSON’s to Broker node and returning the answers to the router.
The other(bad I think) thing is having a jar that accepts all queries and returns those but when I need to change one type of query I don’t want to deploy/run the service again.

Is this is a bad practice? Do you have recommendations ?

Kind regards.

In production we use the router which has a set of rules it evaluates against the queries to route them to different tiers of brokers. That sounds kind of similar to what you are proposing?

The router is still experimental because it hasn’t seen wide adoption, and is a pretty advanced feature requiring some messy java script configuration. As such there might be some corner cases that haven’t been hammered out yet.