What would happen if I use hyperloglog aggregation for a dimension but also in an exclude dimension

I’m wondering that what would happen if I have the hyperloglog on a dimension and also in the excluded list.

For example,

new HyperUniquesAggregatorFactory(“iunique”, “xid”),


But I also exclude xid in the list

List dimensionExclusions = asList(“xid”);
Collection < String > lowerCaseDimensionExclusions = transform(dimensionExclusions,

str - > str.toLowerCase()


HashSet uniqueDimensionExclusions = new HashSet(lowerCaseDimensionExclusions);

DruidDimensions druidDimensions = schemalessWithExclusions(new ArrayList < > (uniqueDimensionExclusions));


Would Druid still throw away that dimension but also count it in hyperloglog