Where is my data?


Where is the data?

Here is the result of my query:

Here is how I query:

query = {

“queryType” : “groupBy”,

“dataSource” : “foo”,

“intervals” : [“2015-09-12/2020-09-13”],

“granularity” : “hour”,

“dimension” : [“dim1”],

“metric” : “impressions”,



r = requests.post(broker_host, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(query))


This is how I push data into tranquility:

{‘timestamp’: ‘2019-03-24T13:56:40.000Z’, ‘impressions’: 1, ‘dim1’: ‘1’, ‘dim2’: ‘2’, ‘dim3’: ‘3’}


How do I find out why I have no data?


Unless received and sent both say 1…it did not work. Check your logs to see where the problem lies.