Whether the historical node will remove the segment in the disk folder.

Hi, all:

I want to know whether the historical node can remove the segments automatically in its disk folder?

I used the coordinator UI to set rules({ “type” : “dropByPeriod”,“period” : “PT1M”} to see whether it will remove the segment folder.

But it didn’t work. I also disabled this datasource through coordinator UI, the folder still existed.

I want the historical node to remove the segment automatically to save the disk folder, could somebody help to tell me how to collocate the parameter to implement it?


Hi luotao,

historical node should automatically remove the segments from local cache when unloading them,

after you changes the rules, did you saw segments being unloaded from the historical node or they were still showing the segments in coordinator console ?

when you configured dropByPeriod rule were there any load rules before this ? fwiw, in case you have specified multiple rules coordinator applies the first matching for a segment.

Thanks Nishant very much, Dose coordinator node apply the first rule based on the latest rule?
And I confused a little about “dropByPeriod”, If I defined “dropByPeriod” PT1H, will the segment be removed which were loaded before in the interval between [2015-05-25T01/2015-05-25T02] , … [2015-05-26T01/2015-05-26T02]?



在 2015年5月25日星期一 UTC+8下午6:49:23,Nishant Bangarwa写道:

Rules are stored as a linked list and traversed in order. Each segment is compared against the list of rules. The segment follows the directions of the first rule that applies to the segment.

If you set a loadRule to load 1M of data and a dropForever after that, any data in the most recent month is loaded, any data older than 1 month is dropped

Thanks for your detail explanation

在 2015年5月29日星期五 UTC+8下午1:06:43,Fangjin Yang写道: