Which data model to choose

I saw this interesting lecture Outbrain: One event to rule them all: moving real-time analytics to the next level - YouTube and in it, they describe how they use one single table with multiple event types.

How common is that use case, and when would you prefer this to a data model where you store a datasource table, let’s say per campaign?

Is there some documentation that will show the different types of data model one could choose and which is best for each use case? so far I found only low level such documentaiton such as this one Schema Design and Rollup and DataModel but nothing that can compare multiple types of data models. Especially when to use a model type that has multiple event types in even type column.

Hi @Tomer_Ben_David

As for documentation, you can check out this: Multitenancy considerations · 2022.12

It should help you decide!


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